• Re-distributing water

    NEW WATER SYSTEM SUPPORTS “MOB GRAZING” One of the greatest challenges to cattle producers in the western United States is supplying enough water to meet peak water demands of range cattle. Like humans, cattle can survive on minimal water for a long period of time—but for ranchers trying to make a profit from cattle, the […]

    Re-distributing water
  • Welcome to our new Grazing Collaborators

    New Grazers, New Paradigm Early last spring, the Sonoma Mountain Ranch Preservation Foundation (SMRPF) entered into a grazing agreement with the Sonoma Mountain Institute (http://sonomamountaininstitute.org/), a local non-profit based on the outskirts of Petaluma at the old Moon Ranch near Vallejo’s fort. For several years now, one of Sonoma Mountain Institute’s (SMI) major projects has […]

    Welcome to our new Grazing Collaborators
  • Badger!!

    According to former Elliot Ranch manager Greg Lehman, the last known sighting of an American badger (Taxidea taxus) at the top of Sonoma Mountain was about 20 years ago. Biologists have been hoping to see another up here for a long time. Over the last month we’d noticed sign that a badger might be present here […]

  • Pressing the Reset Button: Prescribed Fire Clears the Slate

    Prescribed Fire as a Valuable Ecological Tool   Native Wisdom Fire has influenced the appearance and structure of California’s landscapes for millennia. Fire occurs naturally in the wild, through lightning strikes and volcanic events, and it was common practice for native peoples to expertly exploit fire for their own purposes. They harvested the foods that […]

    Pressing the Reset Button: Prescribed Fire Clears the Slate