Rangeland Restoration – Presentation

We are excited to share a beautiful presentation on our current rangeland restoration of Corral Meadow. Our research partner, Dr. Andrew Rayburn, Director of Science for River Partners, collaborated with Sasha Berlman (Ph.D. candidate in the Stephens Lab at U.C. Berkeley) and our managing ecologist, Jeff Wilcox, to describe the setting, pre-treatment measures, and post-treatment results in the inaugural year of this project. Dr. Rayburn delivered a slightly expanded version of this presentation at the annual meeting for the California Society for Ecological Restoration in San Diego last May.

To view a PDF of the presentation, please click on this link: http://sonomountainranch.org/ranch/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Rayburn_etal_SonomaMtnRanch_SERCAL_2015_no_RP_reduced.pdf. Once the PDF is opened on your desktop, you can access Dr. Rayburn’s notes by clicking on the dialog balloon in the upper left corner.

We thank Dr. Rayburn and Sasha Berlman for allowing us to post this presentation, and for their continuing collaboration.